Our teachers


manik malhotra

Vocal/Harmonium/Keyboard Instructor

Manik is trained Classically under the guidance of his Guru Pt. Mithlesh Singh from Rampura Gharana for 8 years. He is teaching since last 12 years. He worked as the Head of Department of Music Faculty in Deepayan Vidya Niketan, Delhi(India) for 4 years and then later in Maxfort School, Delhi(India) for 4 years. He did a lot of Musical Concerts all over India & Abroad and now spreading his talent in different part of U.S.A. He sings & teach the different style of Indian Music such as Classical, Semi-Classical, Ghazals, Bollywood Songs, Bhajan & Devotional songs etc . He Also teaches the different skills & techniques of playing Harmonium & Keyboard.


yoga Instructor

Sarah was introduced to Yoga and meditation at a very young age. Her practice and study of Yoga however deepened in the beginning of 2012, trying everything from Hatha to Vinyasa, to Ashtanga, to Iyengar, along with the practice of Pranayamas. She uses all kinds of props when needed to insure her student’s safety and to help them reach their desired goals. Most importantly, she has an incredibly strong passion to use Yoga as a means to truly help people psychically, mentally and spiritually. With a strong focus on the breath and alignment, students will gain strength, flexibility, focus and stamina.


steve dookie

academics Instructor

I am Steve Dookie and I have been an educator for the past fifteen years. I am currently attached to the New York City Department of Education and is currently a license special and General Education teacher. I really enjoy working with children from various backgrounds and takes great joy in working with them in achieving their potentials. At Sa Ra Ga Ma Desi Beats we offer Academics in small group instruction, that is differentiated to meet your child’s unique need. All of our services and curriculum in English Language Arts and Math are Common Core aligned.


Brian Carter

Piano Instructor & Music producer

Brian Carter studied at the Associates Board of the Royal School of Music , worked with the Education Music program in Guyana, South America. For Three Years, worked with royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Princess Cruises & Celebrity Cruises as a musician Traveled throughout the Caribbean, North America & Europe[2000-2009]. He worked with a Various bands and also working in as Music production in Saregama Desi Beats. He is a Composer, Arranger & work on Midi Sequencer, pro- Tools Music Software etc.


Ayushi Modi

bollywood Instructor

Hi! I am Ayushi Modi, I am a Bollywood dance instructor at Sa Re Ga Ma Desi Beats. I have been teaching dance since 2008. I am a trained Indian Classical dancer from India. I have  been a student at Shaimak Davar’s Institute  of Performing Arts for 3 years. I choreograph  dances for Wedding Ceremonies, Baby showers, Diwali parties and many more. I have achieved trophies and certifications for directing and participating in dance performances. I enjoy learning new dance styles as well. I love dancing and enjoy teaching dance to children. I even teach indian folk dance to kids. I live in Queens, NY. Apart from dancing I love cooking and enjoy meeting new people.


Mohini Tajeshwar

kathak Instructor

Mohini is a graduate student at the East West School of Dance, founded by Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati (Ramamurti S. Mishra M.D.) of the Ananda Ashram in Monroe New York. She studied under Pandit Satya Narayana Charka, distinguished Kathak dancer, internationally acclaimed Choreographer, and performer.  Mohini also collaborated with Shri Brahmananda Sarasvasti. In 2010  she successfully completed her degree in Kathak Dance under the syllabus of International Schools of East-West Unity (Gurukula) Inc. Mohini recently graduated from Berkeley College with an A.S.S in Fashion Marketing and Management and currently pursuing a Pyschology & Dance Degree at Hunter College CUNY; interdisciplinary with Physical Therapy.


Nandlal Jadoonanan

tabla Instructor

Nandlal Jadoonanan is an accomplished Tabla artiste and teacher. He is a disciple of the late Kaviraj Aushotosh Bhattacharya who was a senior disciple of Pt Kanthe Maharaj (Banaras Gharana). Nandlal is a proficient soloist has vast experience accompanying Dance(kathak),instrumental and vocal music.He is at ease accompanying all types of music from classical to folk. He has performed in the US, UK, Canada,South America and the Caribbean. Nandlal has developed unique skills in teaching students from beginners to advance level.

Adeel Javaid

Guitar Instructor

Adeel has been playing guitar for past 6 years. Performed at Radio Pakistan and many other gigs. He teaches Indian and Western Music in a friendly and musical environment of SaReGaMa Desi Beats.


Nhuchhe Narayan Dangol

dholak Instructor

He is a professional Dholak & Congo Player. Born on November3rd, 1963. He was a Rhythmist in Lalupate Cultural Group since 1974 -1977. Also, he worked as a Rhythmist in the Danple kala Mandir, Pokhara since 1977 tp 1980. As a Rhythmist , he performed in Radio Nepal, Everest Cultural Group& Royal Nepal Academy. He visited several countries to participate in Cultural programs such as Bangladesh, UAE, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, China, France, Taiwan, India, Brunei & Qatar etc.


Vipra Shah

bollywood Instructor

My name is Vipra Shah, i am currently pursing Bachelors in Business Administration Entrepreneurship at York College, Jamaica. I have done my Diploma in Bharatnatyam from Nalanda University, India. I also teach dance in Jain Center of America to kids age 5-16. I have performed at many places in USA as well as India.